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The Bridge From Curriculum To Career!



The Mission

The mission of STEM Career Prep is to support students’ STEM interests by providing meaningful opportunities for creative exploration, research , and STEM career exposure and preparation.


We desire to bridge curriculum to careers in STEM, through aligning k-12 curriculum with higher education coursework and labs, and by providing opportunities of engagement with STEM professionals.

Our partners include K-12 schools, college students, university professors , and STEM professionals

Targeted Populations

We support two targeted  populations: K-12 student participants, and
College/University student mentors through labs, lectures, and lessons on
college course identification and STEM career preparation.  

Our target audience are 5th -12th grade students. We can accommodate younger grades-
please inquire!


 Our goal is to inform and equip young people with the VAST opportunities available in
STEM fields!

Students Building Windmill

Registration OPEN  

2024 Summer Camp Registration is here! 

Join is this summer for 3 exciting weeks of camp:

Chemistry- July 8-12

Farm to Table Entrepreneurship July 15-19

Beats & Sound- Sound and Tech Camp 

July 22nd-26th 

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Contact & Events

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