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STEM Career Prep Virtual Summer Camp coming soon!!! Stay tuned!!!

The 2020 STEM Career Prep Summer Camp brochure and sign up information will be posted soon! Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn from STEM Professionals in Veterinary Medicine, Art, Chemistry, and Biomedical sciences!!!

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SCP is in the news!

Wow! We had an exciting week of vet camp and intro to vet internship courses! Students were actively engaged in virtual dissections, creating kidney models, and reading x-rays! To top it all off, our

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The STEM Career Prep virtual summer camp has been a fun, educational and eye opening experience. My son has developed a new interest in biology that wasn't there before. He thanks me everyday for signing him up. My daughter is also excited to start her virtual class next. We would DEFINITELY recommend it and look forward to more opportunities in the future!

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